Welcome to Inkredible Happenings! This first post is brought to you by the Banana Leaf Collective, a new creative community, “with a focus on nurturing young and early-career Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) working in the arts, media, and digital technology. The Collective’s philosophy is inspired by the work of grassroots cultural organizers; artist collectives; co-working spaces; farmers and craft markets; and mutual aid practices.”

Right now, they’re fundraising to make a work and gathering space available to Collective members in Northeast Minneapolis. Check out their GoFundMe and support this wonderful project!

Jordanne Le Fae learned about the Banana Leaf Collective while tattooing a client and decided to become a sponsor right away! She was interviewed by Brenda Tran, Editor, and talked about the philosophy of Weird Ink Society and the healing power of tattoos. Click here to read the interview and check out Volume 1 of the Banana Leaf Collective zine!

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