Laura Frego

Tattoo Artist

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Specialty: Grayscale Realism, Trash Polka

Laura has been tattooing a wide range of styles since 2011. She works in color and grayscale, but lately has been specializing in grayscale realism and trash polka. Her schedule has filled up so she only opens her books for consultations for new appointments 2-3 times a year. Follow her on social media to find out when her books will be open next!

Cover up!!!!
Books are currently closed!
Hey everyone! It's that time of year again nd my books are now open to fill up spring and summer slots! Please fill out the following form and I will be reaching back out to people in order of forms I receive to book video consultations! 

Shout out to my coworker Mitchy! If you're looking for some awesome greyscale artwork and looking to get in relatively soon hit him up!
Hey everyone! If you're looking for tattoo Lazer removal, hair removal or cosmetic services for skin tightening and sunspots and spider veins, check out @skinhavenmn !
Norse ship
Armpit piranha plant!
Witches broom
It's that time of year again!!! Kicking off tomorrow Weird Ink Society will be working booths at the Minneapolis tattoo convention! Open to the public, ticket info and time info on their website at

Come say Hi to us!!
Hey everyone! It's almost time for my books to reopen! 
I just wanted to remind everyone of some of the changes I will be making;
My new rates will now be at $200 an hour (Not including breaks ect), and with reopening my books the process will be a little different;
I will be asking people to fill out a Tattoo Request form at , and I will be reaching back out to people asap to book video consultations. At this time people may begin to submit a tattoo request form.
Video consultations are free, however if from there you would like to book a tattoo appointment I will require a $200 deposit due at the time of booking your tattoo appointment. The deposit is non-refundable, but will go towards the total cost of your tattoo.
However in the event of a no-call no-show or given less then 24 hours notice of cancelation of your tattoo appointment you may be subject to losing your deposit and an additional deposit may be required to keep any additional appointments you have. In the event of an emergency the best policy is to reach out to me asap and let me know whats going on so that I may be able to work with you.
Thank you for your patience and I look forward to working with you!

Hey everyone! So a few quick updates! 

When reopening my books in December I will be raising my rates to $200 an hour. To help ease into this transition I am doing a personal Gift Certificate Sale! 

For every $200 spent on a Gift Certificate you will get an extra $100! 

(I.e. if you buy a Gift Certificate for $200 you will receive one for $300. If you buy one for $400, you will receive a gift certificate for $600!)

Gift Certificates will have a max limit of $900 per Gift Certificate. People may purchase more then one Gift Certificate. 

Gift Certificates will be treated as cash-in-hand. 

Gift Certificates may not be used for deposits to book appointments.

There is a limited number of Gift Certificates for sale (30) and this deal will go until they're gone! Great idea for holiday, or Birthday gifts for for yourself! 

To get one you can contact me via FB, Instagram, or text 6512169666. They will also be available for purchase at the shop however will need to make an appointment to purchase so that I'm not interrupting my appointments. 

Thank you!!!!!!
Another one finished!